Caleb Langat is a Partner in the Tax practice at IKM. Previously he was in the employ of Deloitte & Touche where he worked as a Senior Tax Manager. Prior to that, he worked in the Tax department of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Caleb is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Law practice from the Kenya School of Law and a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Nairobi.



  • University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Law (LLB) (2001)
  • Kenya School of Law, Diploma in Law (2003)

Professional Qualifications

  • Law Society of Kenya
  • Admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya (2003)

Key experience

  • Involved in a number of matters relating to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) audits, including advising the client on risk areas, reviewing KRA workings and findings, drafting comprehensive objections on a timely basis and following up with the KRA for amended assessments. He has also been involved in preparing penalty and interest waiver applications once the undisputed principal tax is settled.
  • Advised clients involved in large scale commercial transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, and the review of agreements from both a legal and tax perspective to determine the implications of these transactions to clients.
  • Prepared submissions and presented them to the KRA on behalf of clients on matters where the legal application to the business of a particular client is unclear and requires a private ruling to be issued by the Tax Authority. Caleb has, as a result, established a good rapport with senior officials at the KRA.
  • Represented clients in appeals to the tax tribunals against assessments raised by the KRA. His roles have included preparing the appeal documentation on a wide range of tax disputes with the KRA and presenting the client’s submissions before the tribunals.
  • Involved in various structuring and restructuring projects where he provided tax advice, the implications thereof, and optimal solutions. Some of the projects have related to the merger of a number of oil companies, the use of offshore and onshore holding companies, and the restructuring of assets of an insurance company to meet Individual Retirement Account (IRA) requirements.
  • Involved in a number of legal and tax health checks of both private and public institutions. The most recent health check was for a large asset management firm with operations in several countries across Africa. The brief involved carrying out a legal and tax health check on the company in Kenya to determine its compliance with tax legislation, and advising the company’s board on the tax exposure they were facing as well as the necessary remedial actions for the regulatory non-compliance identified.
  • Provided tax advice to a multinational company involved in the energy production sector that was setting up its business in Kenya. The tax advice covered all tax aspects, including corporation tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), import duties and levies. He also advised on the tax savings and avoidance mechanisms that the company could take advantage of, highlighting areas in which the government had a policy of encouraging industry players and therefore persons who would need to be approached for purposes of lobbying for further tax savings and incentives.
  • Involved in the objection to tax assessments raised by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) for a multinational financial institution. This transaction involved the presentation of submissions to the KRA on the law and facts in favour of our client. Through his team’s efforts, Caleb managed to reduce the tax demanded by more than 75%. This assignment also involved an application to the Treasury for the waiver of penalties and interest arising from the taxes demanded, requiring lobbying with ministry officials and senior KRA officers in order to receive the highest possible amount of waiver.
  • Involved in advising a multinational company on the Transfer Pricing Policy in Kenya. He reviewed the company’s global Transfer Pricing Policy and advised on the relevant changes that would ensure that the policy is suitable for purposes of local application and in order to comply with the Income Tax Act.
  • Advised a local financial institution on the application of the United States Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act which has far reaching consequences on both financial and non-financial institutions worldwide with assets in the United States of America. This advice was instrumental in ensuring that our client was compliant with the U.S. requirements before the Act came into force.
  • Advised on the statutory requirements for employee taxes for local employees, expatriate employees, consultants and employees who are based outside of Kenya. Such advice involves pay-as-you-earn tax (PAYE) as well as mandatory health insurance and social security contributions by both the employer and the employee. He recently advised an employer who intended to restructure his employee’s retirement benefits from a provident scheme to a pension scheme, taking into account the provisions of the new National Social Security Fund Act and advising on the tax implications of such a restructure for both the employer and the employees.
  • Provided tax advice to a company that was winding up its business in Kenya and required tax advice on areas to do with asset disposal, redundancy payments to employees and tax pin deregistration.
  • Carried out tax compliance services for clients, including verifying tax computations for all tax heads, filing various tax returns through the KRA iTax system, advising clients on modes of payment as well as timelines within which such taxes must be paid to ensure compliance.

Experience record

  • 2003

    Pupil – Singh Gitau Advocates

  • 2003

    Senior Tax Consultant – PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • 2009

    Senior Tax Manager – Deloitte and Touche

  • 2015

    Director, Tax practice – IKM

  • 2019

    Partner, Tax Practice - IKM

Languages spoken

  • 100
English - Excellent
  • 80
Kiswahili - Good