Following negotiations between the Government of Kenya (“GoK”) and the Governments of Cameroon, Mali and  Senegal, the GoK re-classified the visa category for nationals of Cameroon, Mali and Senegal (the “Beneficiary Countries”) from Category 3 to Category 2.

Effective Date

14th July 2017



Notable change  

Unlike the previous visa category where applications for visas from nationals of the Beneficiary Countries were subjected to prior approval by the Director of Immigration Services, the nationals of the Beneficiary Countries can now apply for visas without any reference to the Director of Immigration Services:

(i)             at any port of entry;

(ii)            online (e-visa application) or;

(iii)           on application to the Kenyan High Commission/Consulate in their country of residence.

Impact to business

Ease of travel for nationals of the Beneficiary Countries to Kenya has been greatly enhanced.

Processing timelines for visas fornationals of the Beneficiary Countries have been reduced from 2-3 weeks to immediate for applications made under option (i) above and 24-48 hours  for applications made under options (ii) and (ii) above.